IBS Nutrition Program

​​Studies show that it takes 12 weeks to see change when adopting new behaviors. That is why my 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program is perfect if you are looking to make lasting changes to your eating habits. My 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program is designed to give you one-on-one attention. We will create a completely customized plan that works for you. We will work intensively each week to design a lifestyle that will allow you to not only achieve your nutrition goals but maintain them. This program is 100% virtual.

My 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program includes 45-minute nutrition coaching sessions every other week for three months, unlimited messaging with me during the length of the coaching program, and access to our member portal where you can log photos of your food to track your intake, keep track of your weights, schedule appointments, message me between sessions, and video-chat from your desktop or home app during sessions.

With my 3-step approach, you will learn how to:

​  ☐ Lose weight and keep it off without feeling restricted

  ☐ Prepare healthy breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks

  ☐ Confidently grocery shop & read labels

  ☐ Stick to your goals while eating out

  ☐ Create new habits that fit your lifestyle

  ☐ Improve your relationship with food


You might be a good fit for the program if:

​  ☐ You have been diagnosed with IBS by a physician 

  ☐ You have already completed celiac testing 

  ☐ You have the time, energy, and motivation to discover your food triggers

  ☐ You are ready, willing, and able to track your food intake for a period of time 

  ☐ You are motivated to adhere to a diet plan over multiple weeks

You might not be a good fit for the program if:

​  ☐ You are pregnant 

  ☐ You are not motivated to implement changes

  ☐ You are busy (the Lite program might be a better fit for you!) 

  ☐ Stick to your goals while eating out

  ☐ Create new habits that fit your lifestyle

  ☐ Improve your relationship with food

Investment: $480 (installment plan available)


My 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program is for you if you are serious about reaching your goals and are willing to put in the effort required to get there.

What's Included?


We will have a video session together every other week for three months. We will explore your obstacles and address them together.


You will have lifetime access to educational handouts shared throughout our sessions together.


You will have access to unlimited messaging with me during the length of the coaching program. You will be able to reach out with any questions or comments you may have between our sessions.


You will have access to educational wellness worksheets that we review together during our sessions to ensure understanding of new concepts.


You will have have access to my member portal where you can log photos of your food to track your intake, keep track of your weights, schedule appointments, message me, and video-chat from your desktop or home app.


You will have access to nutritious recipes, sound scientific studies, my members-only mailing list, and more.

Coaching Outcomes

Learn how to create healthy and balanced meals

Learn how to identify healthy snacks and beverages, how to grocery shop, how to read nutrition labels, and how to maintain your goals while dining out

Naturally establish and maintain a weight appropriate for you

Create new healthy habits that are sustainable for life

Tackle the thoughts and behaviors that kept you from keeping the weight off before

Step 1


Get in touch with me by completing the  coaching application form  and scheduling a free discovery call to talk about your goals and what I can do to help you get there. Together, we will decide which of my programs is right for you.

Step 2

Initial Session

During our first session, I will do a full assessment to really get to know you. We will discuss your diet history, explore your relationship with food, health habits, and more. We willl talk about your goals and develop a plan to help you reach them.

Step 3

Continued Support

During our follow-up sessions, we will reflect on your progress, combat challenges as they arise, and continue to fine tune your nutrition plan. I will be there for ongoing support and accountability as you work toward your goals.

How does it work?


First of all words have not yet been created to express how amazing Ellie is. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Ellie has taught me so much about nutrition and if she can teach me a person who knew just about nothing about it she can teach anybody. She understands people don't always have time to do certain things and offers great alternatives to help you reach your goal. If you ever have a question she always has a detailed answer to help you. I could not be happier with all she has done for me.


Ellie is AWESOME!!! I'm in my fifties and began to struggle with my weight. By the time I contacted Ellie I felt such shame so it was imperative I work with a compassionate and empathetic individual. She made it clear from day one there was no judgement. I felt motivated after our sessions as she was extremely encouraging and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ellie as her professionalism, expertise, and compassion are qualities I value in a nutritionist and coach. 


Ready to get started?

Please complete the short application process to ensure we are a great match and go straight to booking your free discovery call. During your complimentary discovery call, I will learn more about you, give you more information about my program, and if we decide we are a good match during our call, you will be invited to join my 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program.

 The future depends on what you do today. 

 Mahatma Gandhi 

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