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Valence Nutrition is a nutrition practice passionate about health and wellness. Valence Nutrition is here to help people live happy and healthy lives through nutrition education and empowerment by providing the tools to improve nutrition. Each person is individually evaluated by a registered dietitian and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan that they can follow for the rest of their lives. Whether you are looking for nutritious recipes or you need professional guidance in order to address a specific health issue, Valence Nutrition is ready to help you reach your nutrition goals today. 


To empower individuals to optimize their unique minds and bodies through food and nutrition and providing access to knowledgeable nutritionists for all who seek a higher level of wellness.


A happy and healthy mind, body, and soul start from within. This triad of wellness can be attributed to adequate nutrition, exercise, rest, and a positive mindset. When these needs are met, we believe a higher level of wellness is possible. Our practice is based on a positive and supportive approach to help clients enjoy their best quality of life. Our sole objective is to improve our clients' overall wellbeing.  

Valence (noun) - in chemistry, the property of an element that determines the number of other atoms with which an atom of the element can combine. Introduced in 1868, the term is used to express both the power of combination of an element in general and the numerical value of the power of combination.



Registered Dietitian


I believe in holistic, integrative, and evidence-based nutrition. I focus on you as a whole person incorporating all dimensions of wellbeing. I believe in natural health remedies and toxin-free living. I full-heartedly believe in the power of education and strive to empower others to take charge of their lives. My goal is to help others gain the confidence to take charge of their health and wellbeing to improve their own quality of life.

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